З 25.04 по 5.05 кафедру відвідав проф. Андерс Перссон

З 25 квітня по 5 травня 2018 р.всесвітньовідомий метеоролог – професор університету УПСАЛА (Швеція) Андерс Перссон прочитав ряд лекцій для студентів кафедри метеорології та кліматології з “Динамічної метеорології”

1. “Why does the garbage in the oceans collect at their centre?” Having waste polluting the oceans is bad enough, what is worse is that the collect far out to sea making it more difficult to clean up.The seminar will explain this as a result of the earth rotation and illustrate this with the traditional mysteries surrounding the Sargasso sea.

2. “Why is it possible to play curling in Kyiv?” In a follow-up seminar it will be shown how a realistic understanding of the effects of the rotation of the Earth explains other mysteries, for example jet streams, why the American and Soviet space programs ran into problems in the 1960:s and why we do not notice the centrifugal force due to this rotation and are quite able to play curling in Kyiv.